Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 33/40

Today's weight was 231.6, up 1.8 pounds from yesterday. I am a bit confused sometimes that I have such weird weight fluctuations, even when drinking only water.

Well the Lord really answered our prayers about the ice storm. My husband was able to get to work. In the middle of the night, the temperature got up to 40 degrees, melted all the ice, and then dropped again. He was able to get to work with no trouble at all! I give the Lord all the glory!

Tonight my husband finally came home. I really missed him after being gone for two days.

Physically I am still feeling terrible. Canceled homeschool again today, although oldest son did some math review.

Emotionally I am so ready for this fast to be over, but it won't be much longer. I am just trusting in the Lord and hanging in there for his help. I also appreciate everyone's prayers. Many members of my church family are praying for me.

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