Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 37/40

Today's weight was 210.0 even. I have lost 39 pounds since the fast started and .2 of a pound since yesterday.

This morning the enemy really fought me from going to church. My oldest son started acting sick which was really odd. He had a sore throat all week and was getting better while on antibiotics. But this was delirium and what appeared to be a fever. I talked to my pastor on the phone and he told me to pray about it. As soon as I prayed, he got better almost instantly, at least well enough to get to church.

We had an awesome time in morning worship before the kids and I were dismissed to Sunday school.  There was a lot of distraction and the enemy was fighting really hard. I felt compelled to give my fasting testimony. I know that was one of the reasons why Satan was trying to keep me out of church.

Sunday school was wonderful again. I am thankful for how the Lord has really anointed me and my Sunday school lessons since this fast has started. Our lesson was on Ezekiel and the valley of the dry bones. It tied in with what was talked about during the morning service. We can get so focused on physical things that we forget about having the spirit of God in our lives, and that without Christ, we are dead.

That evening I didn't get to go to church because the boys were sleeping. My husband came home and said it reminded him of church in the old days, several years ago before we had some major trials at our church.  I was so excited to hear that! It was one of the things that I was praying over. I wish I had been there to see it. I know the enemy is still fighting, but he has already been defeated!

After morning church, my husband decided to go ahead and work on the plumbing problem again. He went under the house and cut the pipe. As soon as he cut the pipe, a long clog came out! Thankful for answers to prayer because otherwise, he had no idea where to cut the pipe!  The problem is not 100 percent fixed but it is far better than what it was. 

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