Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 40/40

Last day! But won't be my last post.  I plan on doing a few more posts about breaking the fast and the results.

Today's weight was 207.0 even. I have lost .8 pounds since yesterday and 42 pounds total since the fast started.

We had the plumber come today and he fixed the plumbing! Praise the Lord! We have never used him before. He was a really nice guy and very reasonable too. He is definitely a "keeper."

Physically I feel well today. I did a lot of cooking this morning, which I have not really felt up to for awhile. I felt so badly for my family. Last Saturday night my husband had to cook supper because I really was not up to it at all.

I talked to my husband at work. He has had a good day so far, but there is a lot of tension going on because of all of the strange things that have been happening.

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