Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 18/40

Today's weight was 225.4 down .2 of a pound since yesterday.

I think it is kind of bizarre to see the weight loss pattern during this fast. I try not to worry over it. I guess my body will do what it wants.

I usually inspect my tongue every morning for a white coating before brushing my teeth. My tongue is becoming more and more pink, which is a very good thing.

You never know when or how the enemy will attack.  Just today I got kind of impatient thinking about how my fast is just about half over, while for most people in my congregation who are also fasting will be finished in just a couple days.  My very wise husband said that it is just Satan trying to discourage you, since he seems to do that when you feel like you are halfway there.  While I feel mildly tempted to break the fast after day 21, I will hang in there. In the end, it will be worth it.

Also, my husband's job has been under attack. Twice since the fast started, his job security has been threatened. Our hope and our stay is the Lord, but my, it is a bit unnerving at times to keep pressing on. But we are still pressing.  The Lord has always taken care of all of our needs and he has never failed us one time! Praise the Lord!

Another area where I have seen an answer to prayer has to do with the new business that my husband wants to start. Last week I was urged by the Lord for us to take some steps for some training he needs to make himself for successful.

Thanking the Lord for his provision!

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