Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4/40

Woohoo, I made it to day four! Thank you Lord!

Got on the scale this morning and weighed in at 241.0 even. Down one pound from yesterday and down 8 pounds total since the beginning of the fast.

I am feeling better since yesterday. Yesterday afternoon my energy improved and I was able to stay up until 10:15 before I went to bed. I am having achy muscles in my upper arms, which I am assuming is another detox reaction. There is something called the Herxheimer effect, which is basically the dying off of candida overgrowth. I have had yeast issues in the past that improved by I don't think that I totally got over. I hope during this 40 day fast that it will starve all of the yeast for good. This fast is definitely for spiritual reasons but I am also thankful for the physical benefits.

I woke up and checked out my tongue. I forgot to do it yesterday. It had an even thicker coating of white stuff than the past few days. I also had more mucus in my nose and some more productive coughing.

This will probably be too much information for most people, but since I am mainly keeping this blog for my own benefit, I will go ahead and share. I started my monthly today, which is quite frustrating. My body seems to now be on an 18 day cycle instead of the 27 day cycle that I have been on for years. My husband and I want to have another baby so this is not a good thing. I hope that my hormones and everything else will be healed and restored to proper function due to this fast. I am thankful that I serve a God that heals.

I read a devotional this morning on Romans 8, which was very encouraging. It said that while we suffer for and with Christ, that we also share in his glory. That has been good to hear because I sure feel like I have been suffering during this fast!

I drank seven bottles of water again yesterday for a total of 118 ounces. This morning I have had 3 bottles so far.

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