Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7/40

Today is day seven! I have made it almost a whole week without food!  Weigh-in today was 237.0 even. Down two pounds from Wednesday (no change yesterday) and down twelve pounds since the fast started.

I have been battling a migraine headache off and on since yesterday afternoon, which is a side effect of my monthly. It is certainly less intense than usual, which is probably thanks to the fast. They normally last two days without much relief, unless I can drink some Diet Mountain Dew. For some strange reason, that helps to relieve them somewhat. Obviously that's not an option and I'm sticking to Tylenol.

Other notes: Tongue is turning more pink with just a slight white tinge; nausea returned last evening and is off and on.  I am getting by on less sleep. I sleep for 8 hours a night and I'm ready to go. I do take a nap occasionally if I need it.

Onto spiritual matters: Had a good Bible study and season of prayer yesterday with my oldest son. Last night's church service was preached by my husband. He had an anointed and timely message to share with us.

I started keeping track of my water intake yesterday and then I felt so badly that honestly I can't remember. I have had three bottles today so far. I am still trying to drink to thirst.

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