Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28/40

Today's weight was 218.2, down 1 pound from yesterday.

Yesterday the nausea returned in the afternoon. I laid down for awhile and it went away.  I think it is still more candida die-off. Die off is no fun, but I can't wait until I'm totally healthy again.

Yesterday we had another spiritual battle at Jason's work. I know the Lord is in control, but it sure does make things difficult sometimes.

I am seeing more answers to prayer. It is so awesome to trust in the Lord and to watch him work it all out. 

The toes on my left foot got very cold again yesterday. I put them in some warm water to warm them up a bit and it felt like I had put my feet in hot molten lava. But thanks to prayer and the water, they did warm up and I was no longer in pain.

Last night we had an awesome church service and also an altar service. We had four young people seeking at the altar, one of which was my son. It was very powerful and I am claiming many spiritual victories in the name of Jesus.

Today I have experienced more nausea. I wish I could lie down but I have too much to do at the moment. For right now, I am doing the best that I can.

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