Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3 Update

I feel very cold. I'm sure it's just my body trying to conserve energy, but I am having trouble warming up. My house temperature is almost 74 degrees, which is quite a bit warmer than normal. I'm sitting here wrapped in a wool blanket and I am freezing!

I was busy this morning and did some cooking in the kitchen. It did not bother me, really. I guess I feel badly that there aren't many snacks around here for my family to eat. Since we do low-carb, most of our food has to be made from scratch.

I have taken my vitamins and read my Bible today, which was Genesis 12-15.  I have been resting for the past two hours but need to get busy again. 

I have drank four bottles of water so far. I am still hungry and my stomach occasionally grumbles.

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