Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 26/40

Today's weight was 217.4, down 3 pounds from yesterday.  My scale was all over the place, so this might not be entirely accurate. I decided to take the lowest out of all the readings.

Well our hunches about my husband's work situation were correct. I won't go into detail but he was falsely accused and attacked for about half an hour and felt very strongly like his employment was in jeopardy. I am thankful for the urgings of the holy spirit and for the warring angels that the Lord sends to fight our spiritual battles.

Physically I was feeling badly again. Extremely nauseated with a lot of fatigue.

I am reminded of this chorus that we often sing:

There's more with us than be with them
We're on the winning side!
With banners unfurled
We'll tell the whole world
That Jesus is captain and guide.
There's none to fear when He is near
Whatever the conflict may be
We'll never give in
In this fight against sin
In Christ there's victory!

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