Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 5/40

Day 5! Today's weight was 238.8 Down 2.2 pounds from yesterday and down 10.2 pounds total since start of fast.

My energy really picked up yesterday. I still had to take breaks but my stamina is greatly improving. After resting for an hour and a half yesterday afternoon I pretty much kept going until bedtime.

I drank about 9 or 10 bottles of water yesterday, or about 169 ounces. I kind of lost count.

It is so funny to hear my stomach gurgle now and then. I miss eating but I am doing okay without it.

Spiritually I am doing way better. Now that most of my physical difficulties are out of the way, I am able to pray and praise God more. I turned on some worship music last night and just had a wonderful time praising the Lord.

Another TMI alert. You have been warned.

I have been having trouble with being constipated. I had that before the fast but since I have been fasting, it has concerned me. I thought surely with the amount of water that I have been drinking that I wouldn't have any trouble with it.  I decided to do a salt water flush, which I don't really think violates the fast, especially since I have been having some leg cramps. I read that a little extra salt helps with those.

So this morning I drank a quart of warm water mixed with two teaspoons of salt.  I ran back and forth to the bathroom for about two hours, so I think it did its job! I have thought about trying it again in another week.

Including the water from my salt water flush, I have had 99.6 ounces of water so far, four bottles plus four cups of warm salt water.

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