Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 9/40

Today is day 9. This morning's weigh-in was at 232.6, down 1.2 pounds from yesterday and down 16.4 pounds since the start of the fast.

Spiritually I am doing quite well. The baby woke me up last night, and while he could go back to sleep, I could not, for about two hours. So I had a good season of prayer talking to the Lord.  I have had this happen several times during this fast.

One thing I haven't mentioned yet is how I remember dreams while on this fast. Normally I very remember any of them. None of them have been very profound; usually they are quite bizarre. But I still remember them.

Today is Sunday and our day of rest, so not much going on today. Although, I had an awesome time in Sunday school with my kids. It was just a great service. The kids were kind of rowdy but that didn't seem to matter much. The Lord's presence settled in and really helped us.

I know that the Lord hears the prayers of all of us who are fasting and great things are happening and getting ready to happen!

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